Pigs off the Cliff’s debut album REGRESSION is now available to stream IN FULL on Spotify, BandCamp, YouTube and other digital platforms. The physical copy of the album is still available for pre-order and is set to ship mid-November.

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ALBUM DROP: Mashe Namak “Astral Exsanguination

It’s hard to really describe what Mashe Namak is.. It’s definitely LoFi, with elements of black metal and ambient music, but the experience of listening to Astral Exsanguination is much different than listening to Mashe Namak’s foundational genres in their traditional forms.

When Mashe Namak approached me, they explained each track was written, recorded, mixed and “mastered” all in the same session in under 6 hours each. Each track was mixed in a way that blends each element together to create a wash of abrasive noise and to say the least, I’m extremely pleased to have this on the label. And although it might not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, I strongly encourage you to take a least one trip with Mashe Namak, you will not be disappointed.

Stream the album at or purchase the cassette at


Pigs Off The Cliff’s first single, ‘WRETCHED LIGHT” is now available to stream on all digital platforms! The official video for “WRETCHED LIGHT” can be viewed on the WS official YouTube channel here. Check it out! Give a like or subscribe and if you dig the single, head on over the and pre-order a copy of the debut LP “REGRESSION” featuring “WRETCHED LIGHT”!

Pigs Off The Cliff – New Single October 9th

Streaming on all platforms October 9th is WRETCHED LIGHT by Pigs Off The Cliff. The first single off his debut album REGRESSION. Streaming will be available on Spotify as well as Apple Music.

IN ADDITION to streaming the single, you will be able to watch the official WRETCHED LIGHT video on the Wretched Sin YouTube page, starting October 9th.

Keep an eye out and don’t forget to pre-order REGRESSION on vinyl!

Wretched Sin x Pigs Off The Cliff!

We are very excited to announce that Wretched Sin will be unleashing an incredible piece of metal mastery by way of Joseph Calleiro aka Pigs Off The Cliff, bringing our roster to a total of seven strong! The debut full length album “Regression” will be out on all digital platforms October 31st 2020, just in time to scare the Halloween kids off your porch or… start a pit in your front yard.

12″ Black Vinyl LP’s are available to pre-order in the Wretched Sin web-store and are expected to ship early-November.

Tapes & Vinyl!

If you’re wondering what’s coming down the Wretched pipeline, well here the scoop! To kick off the launch of this hairbrained scheme, we will be offering cassette tapes & vinyl to start. We have some black metal, hardcore, sludge and even some ambient music to help you wind down after all the madness. To kick off we will just be offering physical and digital releases, but keep an eye out, we will soon be stocking other merch like t-shirts, stickers, patches & more!