Greetings! Welcome to WRETCHED SIN! Home to fiercely independent, DIY art, located in Los Angeles, CA. We host a variety of artists who make music in a span of different genres but all encapsulate the vibe of “DHAE” or Dark, Heavy, Aggressive & Experimental sounding music.

All of our artists are independently produced, with most projects either self or group funded. We strive to provide a community to help our artists grow and achieve the goal every musician has – never stop playing music!

We try to help our artists by providing not just an outlet for distribution but also a working community of artists who are constantly creating. So please! Take some time, browse our artist roster and feel free to pick up some music while you’re here. Thanks for helping to keep independent music alive and kicking!!

  • Gaza Sindh, Owner & Founder

Pigs Off The Cliff

Beginning in January 2016, Pigs Off The Cliff was simply an idea, born out of necessity and solitude. Guitarist, Vocalist and Music Producer Joseph Calleiro forged the vision and sound that would eventually become the project we know today. Specializing in his own unique blend of melodic death metal and hardcore influences, Pigs Off The Cliff is sure to give you the ultimate “bangover”!


Our Artists

Pigs off the Cliff
Death of Mercy (D.O.M.)

Mashe Namak